Meet and read about Mohammad Zahoor

About Zahoor

Mohammad Zahoor was born in Karachi, Pakistan. His father was Deputy Auditor General of Pakistan. In 1974 he was awarded a scholarship by the Pakistan government to study in metallurgy at Donetsk Technical University in the former USSR. Following his studies he worked at Pakistan Steel for 5 years.

During the 1980’s Mohammad Zahoor worked for Pakistan Steel for six years, and then as General Manager of a Pakistan Trading House’s Moscow office.

Mohammad Zahoor founded MetalsRussia in 1991. MetalsRussia was run as a Hong Kong-registered trading company based in Moscow. In 1997, MetalsRussia, renamed as ISTIL Group, was listed on the London Stock Exchange, Zahoor as Chairman and CEO. The company acquired a controlling stake in the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant (EAF), of which the Ukrainian unit later became known as ISTIL Ukraine. Following an $150 million investment into ISTIL Ukraine, it was turned into a state of the art facility and in 2008 Mohammad Zahoor sold the Donetsk steel mill.

Since 2008, Mohammaad Zahoor has been chairman of the ISTIL Group, an International business group operating in Ukraine in development activities, hospitality, real estate, media (Kyiv Post) and Istil film & TV Studios, satellite tv, Xtra TV (uk), manufacturing plastic consumer goods, coal enrichment and trading operations.

In 2008 Mohammad Zahoor founded ISTIL Studios.

Zahoor launched Xtra TV in 2011, a Ukrainian pre-paid direct to home (DTH) television service, targeting households in Ukraine who watch free to air (FTA) channels through satellite dishes.

Zahoor and Paul Shilko founded the Ukraine national music awards – YUNA – Yearly Ukrainian National Awards, in 2011. The awards were inspired by the Grammy Awards.

In [2009] the Kyiv Leipzig Hotel was bought by Zahoor for $36 million.

KP Media and its US owner Jed Sunden sold the Kyiv Post newspaper to Mohammad Zahoor on July 28, 2009 for $1.1 million. The paper is published via Mohammad Zahoor’s Public Media company. Under Zahoor’s ownership the Kyiv Post was ranked as the most cited news source in Ukraine by foreign media during the Euromaidan, 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine and 2014 Crimean crisis.

Mohammad Zahoor writes for Huffington Post on topics relating to Ukrainian/Russian economic and political situation Mohammad was interviewed by the Financial Times on the economic situation in Ukraine, specifically the prospects for inward investment.

Mohammad Zahoor is married to the Ukrainian singer Kamaliya.